Leilani Makani

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About the artist

Leilani Makani is a Hawaiian painter who goes by the name "Heavenly Flowers" and her work captures the essence of Hawaii through a minimalist approach. Her paintings are simple yet deeply meaningful, successfully conveying the tranquility and peace of Hawaii to the viewer. Leilani Makani's art is a sophisticated expression of the lines and colors that symbolize Hawaii's beautiful nature and culture.


Leilani Makani's work has a deep beauty in its simplicity. She uses minimal lines and colors to express her motifs from Hawaii's landscapes, plants, and ocean. Her paintings use a minimalist approach to skillfully capture iconic elements of Hawaii's nature and spirit.

influence and inspiration

Leilani Makani is inspired by Hawaii's nature and life. Her work captures Hawaii's calm waters, lush greenery, and majestic mountains from a minimalist perspective, translating their beauty into simple yet memorable artwork.

Leilani Makani is a painter with a unique talent for capturing the essence of Hawaii using minimalist techniques. Her work offers simple yet profound insight and beauty, conveying Hawaii's spirit of tranquility and peace. Through Leilani Makani's art, we can rediscover the essence of Hawaii's nature and culture in a new light.

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