Hawaiian goods mail order Leaf Aloha|Custom order

Hawaiian miscellaneous goods mail order Leaf Aloha offers special custom order products exclusively for our customers . We create items with original designs that reflect the charm and individuality of Hawaiian miscellaneous goods. This service allows you to turn your ideas into reality and create unique pieces, perfect for special events and souvenirs.

Minimum production quantity and design changes

Minimum production quantity: The minimum production quantity for custom orders is 20 pieces. We accept orders for groups, teams, and event items to meet the quantity requirements.

Design changes: You can make up to three changes to your design proposal. Our dedicated design team will take care of every detail to create a design that most closely matches your image.

    Turn your ideas into reality

    Leaf Aloha's creative team works together to create original designs based on ideas and requests from customers. From designs inspired by Hawaii's nature and culture to completely original artwork, we can bring your vision to life.

    Process until completion

    The custom order process begins by listening to the customer's ideas and creating an initial design proposal. We then repeat your suggestions and feedback to finalize the final design.

    In order to deliver high-quality products that meet Leaf Aloha's quality standards, we complete a special product just for you through a careful manufacturing process.

    Create your own Hawaiian style with custom-ordered products from Reef Aloha. Get your hands on an item with a unique design and special meaning.