Alohi Kai

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About the artist

Alohi Kai is a leading figure in Hawaii's pop art scene, whose work goes by the name "Shining Sea." Her work is characterized by its bright, vibrant colors and pop culture elements, highlighting the fun side of Hawaii. Alohi Kai's art captures Hawaii's natural beauty, culture, and daily life through a pop art perspective, offering viewers a refreshing experience.


Alohi Kai's paintings depict Hawaii's landscapes, people, and traditional motifs in a contemporary pop style. She incorporates Hawaiian-specific themes such as surfing, hula dancing, and tropical flowers, and expresses them with bright colors and bold designs. As a result, her work successfully conveys Hawaii's upbeat vibe and positive energy.

influence and inspiration

Alohi Kai's art is heavily inspired by Hawaii's nature, culture, and pop culture. She has created a unique art style by fusing traditional Hawaiian elements with modern pop art techniques. Her work has become a powerful means of communicating Hawaii's daily life and its charm to a wide audience.

Alohi Kai is a painter who plays an important role in Hawaii's pop art scene. Her work depicts Hawaii's nature and culture with bright, vibrant colors and pop culture elements, bringing the fun side of Hawaii to viewers. Through Alohi Kai's art, we can experience Hawaii from a new perspective.

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